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Previous Meetings:

Saturday, October 29, 2005
Austen's "Passage" to India

presented by Kevin Stemmler and Larry Dennis

Larry Dennis writes, "Several currents merge here: the persistent interest in Jane Austen, her novels, and her society; a growing awareness of and attention to the Bollywood films of the Indian subcontinent; and the several adaptations of Austen's works by Bollywood.  The very different worlds of late 18th century and early 19th century England and modern India and the very disparate audiences to which Austen's novels and Bollywood movies are directed share, nevertheless, two striking features: a strong sense of social class/caste and an adherence to strict protocols that regulate personal interactions.  Bollywood's recognition of these shared traits explains, perhaps, its recent forays into Austen's world.  Our presentation traced this appropriation as well as the transformation of some of Austen's novels by Bollywood."
Brief bios: Kevin Stemmler, an associate professor of English at Clarion University.  Courses in English literature, film, and writing.  Also president of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. 

May 7, 2005

    Speaker: Allison Thompson

Did you ever wonder how much Mr. Darcy was really worth?  Why is money such an important issue for Austen's heroines?  What exactly was a shilling?  Allison Thompson, our chapter secretary, explained it all in this meeting, with her informative and entertaining lecture on:  "Cents and Non-Cents: Money Matters in Jane Austen's World and Novels."    Allison explored various aspects of economic and financial matters of Regency times, including the economic rights of women; livings, advowsons and tithes; issues of primogeniture and succession, including the distinctions between fee simple and fee tail (with the ever-popular male-tail); and other topics of financial interest.

In other news, our Vice-President, Carol Chernega, was chosen to be the first participant in the JASNA International Visitor Program.  Carol worked for the Jane Austen Society of Great Britain in Chawton, England during the summer of 2005.  She also researched her travel guide to English Writers' Homes during her stay there.  Carol promises to tell us all about it at the winter, 2006 meeting.

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